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List of Rules, Operational Documents & Guides

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IEC CA 01 1 IEC Conformity Assessment Systems –
Basic Rules
2016-07-12 CAB
IECRE 01-S 1 IECRE Supplement to IEC CA 01 2017-04-04 REMC
IECRE 02 2 Rules of Procedure 2017-02-28 REMC
IECRE 04 1 Rules of Procedure for the Certification of Photovoltaic Systems according to the IECRE-PV Schemes 2016-07-12 REMC
IECRE Definitions 1 Acronyms, Terms and Definitions 2016-10-25 REMC
OD-001 2 Finances 2017-04-11 IECRE Secretariat
OD-002 2 Clarification Sheets (CSH) 2016-09-19 IECRE Secretariat
OD-003 1 Costs related to Peer Assessment Services 2015-12-22 REMC
OD-004 1 Certification Body Assessment Report 2016-10-25 REMC
OD-005 1 Testing Laboratory Assessment Report 2016-10-25 REMC
OD-300 1 ME Certification Scheme: Test Report Requirements 2017-04-06 ME-OMC
OD-401 2 Conditional PV project certificate 2016-09-30 PV-OMC
OD-402 2 Annual PV plant performance certificate 2016-09-30 PV-OMC
OD-405-1 1 IECRE Quality System Requirements for Manufacturers Part 1: Requirements for certification of a quality system for PV module manufacturing 2016-09-26 PV-OMC
OD-405-2 1 IECRE Quality System Requirements for PV Module Manufacturers Part 2 Audit Checklist 2016-09-26 PV-OMC
OD-405-3 1

IECRE Quality System Requirements for PV Module Manufacturers - Part 3: Requirements for PV Factory Auditors

2016-09-26 PV-OMC
OD-406 1 PV-OMC IECRE Certification Body (RECB) and IECRE Inspection Body (REIB) Application form 2016-05-10 PV-OMC
OD-500 1 WE-OMC Transition Plan 2016-04-19 WE-OMC
OD-501-4 1 Conformity Assessment and Certification of Loads by RECBs 2017-04-06 WE-OMC
OD-550-1 3 WE-OMC Acceptance of RECB 2017-04-06 WE-OMC
OD-550-2 1 WE-OMC Certification Body Assessment Report 2016-04-19 WE-OMC
OD-551-11 1 Assessment of anemometer calibration facilities 2016-02-26 WE-OMC
OD-551-12 1 Power performance measurements of electricity producing wind turbines 2016-02-26 WE-OMC
OD-551-13 1 Measurement of mechanical loads of electricity producing wind turbines 2016-02-26 WE-OMC
OD-551-14 1 Blades testing assessment 2016 type certification 2016-02-26 WE-OMC
AD-001 1 WE-OMC IECRE Certification Body (RECB) and IECRE Testing Laboratory (RETL) Application form 2015-09-29 IECRE Secretariat
AD-002 1 IECRE WE-OMC Peer Assessor registration form 2016-01-26 IECRE Secretariat
Report Template 1 WG/Committee report template to the REMC/OMCs 2015-05-18 IECRE Secretariat
OD Template 1 DRAFT IECRE Operational Document 2015-09-11 IECRE Secretariat
Test Report Template 1 Test Report Template 2017-07-13 IECRE Secretariat
Type Certificate Template 1 Type Certificate template Wind Turbine 2017-03-10 IECRE Secretariat
REMC/042/DFA   Renumbering of REMC Working Groups proposal 2015-10-20 IECRE Secretariat