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Marine energy

Marine energy is emerging as a huge and potentially unlimited source of power. Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth's surface; they are sources of huge kinetic energy from waves, currents and tides, and of thermal energy in the form of heat they collect from the sun.




The ME-OMC shall involve the stakeholders and the certification bodies to prepare and operate international Conformity Assessment Schemes for marine energy conversion systems based on the System Basic Rules (IECRE 01). The ME-OMC shall support the future development of the marine energy industry through conformity assessment in order to reduce risk and increase confidence in the market.


Terms of Reference

In reporting to the REMC, the duties of the ME-OMC are to operate as a management committee to:

  1. develop, maintain, and implement the Rules and Operational Procedures of the IECRE Schemes that are specific to, or impact, the Marine Energy Sector;
  2. align the ME specific Scheme Rules and Operational Procedures with those of the IECRE;
  3. ensure a common approach to the application of IECRE Scheme Rules and Operational Documents where applicable;
  4. support the uniform application of relevant international standards used by certification bodies, test laboratories (including field laboratories), equipment suppliers, end users and the broad stakeholder community;
  5. support the application and approval of certification bodies and test (including field) and manufacturing laboratories for the Marine Energy Sector;
  6. identify technical requirements necessary to operate the IECRE Schemes and communicate these needs to the appropriate Technical Committees;
  7. encourage a balanced representation on the ME-OMC as required by the IECRE System; and
  8. promote the IECRE Schemes in the Marine Energy Sector as appropriate. In the course of their duties, the ME-OMC is free to form WGs or Task Groups however the formation of any Committee structure shall be notified to the REMC for approval


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Mr. Jonathan Colby

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Ms. Rebecca Sykes

ME-OMC Vice-Chair


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