Solar PV energy

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Solar PV energy

Solar PV energy

As solar power is set to occupy a growing share of the future global energy mix, PV (photovoltaic) energy generation has been expanding dramatically in recent years.


With new PV technologies being introduced all the time, a growing number of manufacturers offer many products incorporating PV modules.


Terms of Reference

The PV-OMC mission is to define the certification schemes for a solar sector. The PV-OMC shall focus on issues that are specific to the sectors and value that can be provided to investors and stakeholders within the sector. In reporting to the REMC, the duties of the OMC are to operate as a management committee to support the schemes within its sector to serve market needs, build trust and shall include:

  • Support of mutual recognition and to manage national differences;
    • Prepare a proposal for decision regarding applications and continued operation of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories for the consideration of REMC;
    • Publish results of interpretations and conclusions regarding conformity assessment and test procedures;
  • Provide transparent and independent certification process;
    • Define scope of standards applicable in various market segments with in solar sector;
    • Coordination of requirements for component certification under other IEC systems (IECEE)
    • Nurture and drive the development of standards that are complementary with the OMC goals;
    • Provide understanding of which issues are critical to end users and geared towards reducing their risk;
    • Ensure a balanced representation of:
      • Test laboratories and Conformity Assessment Bodies;
      • Utility scale solar plant designers and installers, their consultants and major component suppliers;
      • End Users (owner/operators, customer, insurance, banking and authorities having jurisdiction, government representative);
      • Certification bodies;
      • Commercial and small solar power plant installers representatives and
      • O&M representatives;
    • Propose PV OMC subcommittees and Working Groups to the REMC;
    • Ensure a common approach to the application of IECRE Scheme Rules and Operational Documents where applicable;
  • Identify the additional technical requirements necessary to operate the IECRE Schemes and communicate these needs to the appropriate Technical Committees; and
  • Promote the IECRE Schemes in the Solar Energy Sector internationally through harmonized and high confidence means to build confidence in financial performance, compatibility (interoperability) of data - transparency and bankability of solar assets;
  • Recommend role of IECRE standards for environmental related checks like impact studies, emergency response plans for operating assets, construction process and end of life disposition of assets;
  • Provide leadership to instill confidence in IECRE amongst investors, users, rating agencies, underwriters and regulators;
  • Define scope of personnel certification needs & requirements for the PV industry on periodic and continuous operations surveillance basis;
  • Provide guidance and resolve grid locks to OMC committees and working groups on elements that are critical to performance over life cycle of power plant, validation of performance parameters, and definition of performance assessment procedures;
  • Establish criteria for type certification, provide re-certification guidelines, and identify factors that always require site-specific assessment;
  • Define requirements and procedures for certification of legacy plants upon change of ownership;
  • Determine whether multiple schemes are required for different system types or different applications;
  • Define requirements for different systems based on size, type and/or application (e.g., systems on buildings might have additional safety requirements);
  • Coordinate requirements for components, define system level procedures to verify integration of components into systems, and identify critical parameters, appropriate standards and procedures for assessments, for power plant certification, operation and disposition, taking into consideration the environmental conditions at an individual site.


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Mr. Adrian Hring

PV-OMC Chairman


SolarEdge Technologies GmbH


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Mr. Sewang Yoon

PV-OMC Vice-Chairman


TS Corporation


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