Solar PV energy

IECRE Sector


Working Groups and Task Forces

Terms of reference
Rules of Procedure
To work on next draft of Rules of Procedure and the list of applicable standards for assessments.
Assessment Procedures
To define assessment procedures and documentation required for initial acceptance of CB/TL in the PV sector.
Promotion & Marketing
  • To develop a rolling 5 year business plan for submission to the REMC, which will be updated annually
  • The Marketing Working Group continuously monitors and assesses industry trends to provide market validation for new areas of interest to IEC RE members.
  • Development of communication and education programs for members, potential members on issues critical to the IECRE PVOMC future success. This may include: Tradeshow promotions, Booth Opportunities, Events & Speaking Opportunities, Public Relations.
  • It promotes the acceptance of the IECRE PV-OMC conformity assessment system in the target market segments of the PV system financial stakeholders including: rating firms, investment funds, private equity investors, insurance companies, consumers, governmental entities.
  • The Promotions track within the marketing group works with the IECRE PV-OMC to identify industry needs through surveys, market research and market surveillance.
  • The Data track insures compatibility of data and collects anonymized data on certification and plant performance as justification and trend reporting.
  • There are two databases: Survey & Performance
  • It coordinates its work with REMC WG 004
To develop a 5 year business plan to include fiancial forecast for submission to the REMC, which will be updated annually.
Quality Control
To be determined.