Solar PV energy

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Promotion & Marketing


  • To develop a rolling 5 year business plan for submission to the REMC, which will be updated annually
  • The Marketing Working Group continuously monitors and assesses industry trends to provide market validation for new areas of interest to IEC RE members.
  • Development of communication and education programs for members, potential members on issues critical to the IECRE PVOMC future success. This may include: Tradeshow promotions, Booth Opportunities, Events & Speaking Opportunities, Public Relations.
  • It promotes the acceptance of the IECRE PV-OMC conformity assessment system in the target market segments of the PV system financial stakeholders including: rating firms, investment funds, private equity investors, insurance companies, consumers, governmental entities.
  • The Promotions track within the marketing group works with the IECRE PV-OMC to identify industry needs through surveys, market research and market surveillance.
  • The Data track insures compatibility of data and collects anonymized data on certification and plant performance as justification and trend reporting.
  • There are two databases: Survey & Performance
  • It coordinates its work with REMC WG 004


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PV-OMC WG 404 Convenor & Members

Photo: Matthias Heinze

Matthias Heinze

TÜV Rheinland

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Photo: Jrgen Arp

Jrgen Arp


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Photo: Hironobu Igarashi

Hironobu Igarashi

Bureauveritas Japan

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Photo: Ray Immelman

Ray Immelman


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Photo: Alexander Krenz

Alexander Krenz


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Photo: George J Kelly

George J Kelly

Sunset Technology Inc.

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Photo: Sarah Kurtz

Sarah Kurtz

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Photo: Jaesun Lee

Jaesun Lee

LG Electronics

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Photo: Kyungsoo Lee

Kyungsoo Lee

Korea Polytechnic University

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Photo: Sumanth V Lokanath

Sumanth V Lokanath

First Solar, Inc.

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Photo: Thomas Sauer

Thomas Sauer


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Photo: Jorn Schaffer

Jorn Schaffer

Kiwa Nederland BV

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Photo: Jaeho Yun

Jaeho Yun

Korea Institute of Energy Research

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Photo: Yutao ZONG

Yutao ZONG

ICAS Shanghai Certification Assessment Co., Ltd.

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